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I’ll try to keep it short, family violence (FV), neglect and abuse from the age of 4, domestic violence (DV) and other abuses socially and at work, from about 14 onwards as the FV continued.
One day I had a very unexpected call from a very close friend who I hadn’t spoken to in 2 years. I could tell she was different instantly, she told me about Jakub and her experience, of course I was sceptical and suspicious…
Jakub was my last crack at healing, I was going to throw it all at him. To my surprise It wasn’t hard, speaking on the phone made me feel like I was in a safe protective bubble. The session was so relaxing and comfortable, it felt like we had been mates forever and time flew by.
I slept for a few days, there is something new every day I notice, the meaning behind everything I do is because I can, want to or just am, not reacting because I’m in a fight flight fawn freeze state.
I’ve had a few moments of confusion (after our session) but Jakub was there ready to help me make sense of it, like the big brother we all need.
Not being suicidal every day is the best feeling! I am very aware of things that would normally trigger me but instead I experience strength, clarity and peace.
I can’t thank Jakub enough for just being himself, having the strength and such a huge heart to be able to guide me and others to reclaim our true selves. I’m just so excited for my future, so darn excited. I hope that all of you choose this path, you deserve this just like I did!