Thousands Of Survivors From Trauma Now Live The Life They Were Meant To Live, Who Never Thought They Could

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Freedom Fighter Story #1

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Freedom Fighter Story #2

“Ever since I can remember, I was abused by my father. The bruising and broken bones healed but the emotional scars never did. He broke me inside too and that’s the hardest to heal. The last time he touched me I was 18 years old. I ran away from home and married the first man that showed me a bit of interest. Although he never physically touched me again, the abuse continued psychologically up until his passing.

All my life I looked upon myself as a lesser human. Not worthy of having nice things or nice people in my life. All my relationships suffered because of the abuse. I guess you could call it a kind of side effect from it. Relationships with family, children, spouse, things that were dearest to me were the worst affected.

After the death of my father in 2006 I developed a burning hatred for him. It engulfed me with every waking moment. Already suffering bouts of depression and extreme anxiety, his death made things worse. Now that he was gone forever, I felt I could never resolve things with him, or tell him how the consequences of his actions ruined my existence.

The act of forgiving him wouldn’t even enter my thoughts. I was told it would free me, but I didn’t want to forgive him. I couldn’t and worst of all I didn’t know how.

Doctors put me on medications. It helped with depression a bit, but they made me sick, I was like a zombie. I might as well have been dead. Thoughts of suicide entered my head daily. It scared me and I desperately looked for help. All they wanted to do was give me more drugs. I weaned myself off and swore never again! I developed agoraphobia and was a recluse for 15 years. Unable to leave the house. It robbed me of many, many more.

An old school friend, whom I hadn’t seen in over 20 years, just happened to surface on Facebook. She wrote something about the importance of forgiving and was welcoming anyone who needed help with this. Reluctant, unsure and frightened I took the first step by contacting her. She was so understanding and without wasting a moment listened to my story. We talked for weeks and then she said she was going to find someone who would help me.

A few days later she said she found someone who may be able to help me. His name was Jakub and he had dealt with this kind of thing before. I became anxious but knew that if I didn’t take this step I’d be in this prison forever for sure.

Meeting Jakub. Well, it would have to be one of the most positive things I’ve ever done in my life. In only a few days I was ready for the breakthrough. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I was trusting myself to Jakub and I’m so glad I did.

I’ve tried to put down in words how I felt during and after the breakthrough. Sometimes words just don’t cut it. It was the most emotional, freeing experience of my life. An experience I will never forget, and I still feel the love and emotion of it when I think about that moment.

All the hatred had gone, and I truly had forgiven from my heart. Straight after the breakthrough I just got up and walked out my door without any fear, Jakub by my side all the way. I walked past neighbors’ homes I’d never seen before. I felt alive. I felt like I wanted to thrive. My soul felt light.

Since then, many amazing things have happened for me. I look after myself because I matter. I exercise, eat healthy and laugh a lot and I can now think about my father, and it doesn’t hurt. It’s like I understand, and I have forgiven him.

Just last week I went out for an Early Christmas dinner with my sisters and brother. Haven’t done so for over 15 years.

Where there was once hate and darkness is now replaced with love and light and a willingness to love others and to be loved myself.

Thank you, Jakub! All the years of suffering like I have could have been avoided if I had only known about this. I can’t talk highly enough of Jakub and his devotion to full heartedly offer people like me the help we deserve. Again, THANK YOU! X”


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Freedom Fighter Story #3

“From the very early age of seven years old and up until I left home at 13 I experienced sexual and psychological abuse at the hands of my step father. I am now 50 and looking back over the years I have had counseling that focused on the sexual abuse, I have been a participant in general counseling, I have also had work related supervision that has touched on aspects of me and or my behaviors as a direct result of the sexual and psychological abuse that occurred when I was a very young child and a very young adolescent. I have spent many years reading and attending different seminars or learning opportunities such as trying to learn strategies to help me navigate my world.

In hindsight my self confidence has always been very low, my expectations of what I deserve have always been very low. My ability to respect myself has been non-existent to the point where I would always put others first. My belief in myself under the superficial top layer has always been similar to the belief of my step father that I was not good enough and that I did not belong. Belief that my step father reiterated every chance he could get through his words and actions. He acted as if he believed I was not of great worth so I believed I was not of great worth.

I decided to take up a coaching opportunity with Jakub because I wanted to make significant changes to my life. I knew my past was still haunting me. I knew that I needed to instigate change not only for myself but also for my children. You see, I believe that children will do 30% what you say and 70% of what you do. I want them to have self belief, self confidence and the knowledge that they deserve the very best. I have not been able to scaffold these learnings with my limited beliefs and protective behaviors that ultimately do not serve me and now do not serve my children.

After one session the relief and the release that I experienced from being truly heard and understood in such a safe and non threatening environment gave me the confidence to share information I had never shared with a living soul before. I walked out of his office with a new way of thinking, yes those behaviors I needed to employ as a little seven year old girl worked then, but I no longer need to employ them. I did not own the immense shame anymore miraculously the feelings of great shame had just dissipated into the ethers.

The purpose of sharing my story is to tell other women or men who have been wronged in this manner that there is hope, that you can live your life free of the wrongs that you have experienced.”


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