The FREEDOM Program

Your Mission – Should You Choose to Accept it – over 5 weeks be guided on a magical journey to free yourself from those past events and reconnect with your true power, while reclaiming control of your life. All without having to bring up the past.

What’s Inside the Freedom Program

#1 – 4 x Weekly Online Live Group Workshops

Each week we connect as a group and go deeper into the weekly lessons and tasks we’ve been assigned. Jakub will assist each member throughout each session and while he may not be coaching you in the moment, he is always talking to you too.
The power of being part of a collective group is hard to describe or match. As we all combine our desires for breakthroughs, the momentum and quantum force is unstoppable and the results are truly magical.

Valued at $2,500

#2 – 1 x Private Breakthrough Session

In Week 4 of the Program, you and your Breakthrough Coach work one-on-one over Zoom or Phone and go through our Signature ‘Freedom Breakthrough’ system. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, and your Breakthrough Coach will stay with you till you achieve the outcome you’ve come for. All you need to do is bring yourself and a complete willingness to finally break the chains of the past and live in Freedom.

Valued at $2,500

Total Value at $5,000

But we’re not going to ask you to pay that

Freedom Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Your Freedom Vault (Lifetime Access)

To truly Master anything, repetition is the key. That’s why we’ve given you Lifetime access to all the online videos, workbooks and checklists. Which means anytime you feel even slightly out of balance you have an amazing library of tools and resources to instantly go to.

Valued at $1,500

Bonus #2 – Design Your Ideal Life Masterclass – Live

“Now what?” Is often the first question asked once our members achieve their Freedom Breakthrough. Now those old feelings aren’t controlling your life anymore, what are you going to do instead? Now, it’s time to design the life you have been missing out on and this Masterclass walks you through the process and you leave with your personalised step-by-step Masterplan.

Valued at $1,000

Bonus #3 – Your Ultimate Intimate Relationship – Online Course

Trauma impacts so many parts of our lives, including the ability to love ourselves for who we are. Which then impacts our ability to attract the right life partner who will treat us the way we deserve to be treated. Learn the powerful tools to reconnect with your self-worth and self-love, because if we can’t love ourselves how can we let others in to love us?

Valued at $1,000

Bonus #4 – Emotional Control 1.0 – Online Course

Imagine having a magic bag filled with the world’s best tools to have unstoppable control of your own emotions! Whatever emotion you want to experience at any moment, regardless of the event.

Valued at $500

Bonus #5 – The Power of Proximity – Checklist

“Tell me the five people you hang around most with and I will tell you the quality of your life.” Yes, our closest friends have a huge impact on the quality of our lives. Use this checklist to quickly find out if you need to make some adjustments or not.

Valued at $200

Total Value of all Bonuses at $4,200

FREEDOM Program + FREEDOM Bonuses Valued at $9,200

But we’re not going to ask you to pay that. In fact we’re not even going to ask you to pay half of that! 

Our 100% Results Based Guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy at the end of the program, Jakub will personally continue to work with you privately till you are 100% satisfied, or your money back.

Your Support Network to Freedom

The very minute you say ‘Yes!’ to yourself, we have your back.

Support System #1

Unlimited Email and WhatsApp till you complete the program

Support System #2

Private Facebook Group for your Program Only where our Coaches and your Group are there to support you all the way

Support System #3

Unlimited Private Power Sessions with Your Coach via Zoom or Phone, because sometimes you just need to hear someone’s voice, and we totally get that.

Valued at $1,000

Fast Action Bonus

For the first 5 New Freedom Fighters who say ‘Yes’ to themselves they will be awarded with this amazing fast action bonus.

Imagine receiving a 20 page report all about you! Find out what motivates you, what your natural strengths are and why you get along with some people instantly and not others. And so so much more!

Ask your Program Advisor when you schedule your call if you’re eligible.

Valued at $1,500

Because this is like no other program out there offering small groups with such a high personalised service and a 100% result guarantee, we can only accept 15 people per program. So, you will want to act quickly and secure your spot.

FREEDOM Program + FREEDOM Bonuses + VIP Support + Fast Action Bonus
Total Value at $11,700

But I promised you won’t even pay half of this, because our Mission is to free every living soul on the planet and we need to make it accessible to everyone.

Your Price Today is Just $2,997
or 3 Easy Fortnightly Payments of $1,098.90

Are You Ready To Be Our Next Freedom Fighter Success Story?

Hear From Some of Our Amazing Freedom Fighters And What They Have to Say About Working With Jakub


From the very early age of seven years old and up until I left home at 13 I experienced sexual and psychological abuse at the hands of my step father. I am now 50 and looking back over the years I have had counseling that focused on the sexual abuse, I have been a participant in general counseling, I have also had work …


I came to Jakub with many issues which had held me back and were a source of pain for quite a substantial period of my life. I had spoken with a number of other professionals in the same field and chose to work with Jakub as I felt a connection with the care and understanding he extended through our initial conversations …


Ever since I can remember, I was abused by my father. The bruising and broken bones healed but the emotional scars never did. He broke me inside too and that’s the hardest to heal. The last time he touched me I was 18 years old. I ran away from home and married the first man that showed me a bit of interest. Although he never physically …


Hey Jakub, Just wanted to say thank you so so so so much! Before I came and saw you I was stuck in a rut lacking purpose and drive, self confidence and feeling overall pretty shitty within myself, I had tried week to week coaching as well as other modalities yet wasn’t getting the impact that I wanted from the …


Jakub Wolanski is a name I have heard a lot over the last few years.

He was referred to me by a friend – the difference he made in her life is like night and day.

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have believed her claims if I didn’t see the results with my own eyes …


I sought help with Jakub in order to deal with an incident which occurred years ago and involved me being raped at the age of 16. Since the incident I had developed severe anxiety and my self esteem had become almost non existent. I had sought help from numerous sources and had no success- I believe generally a lot of …


Before I came to Jakub I was full of anxiety. I saw countless coaches who promised me an anxiety free life full of love and joy.

From the minute of my first conversation with Jakub I knew that he could get to the root cause of my issues and heal it. He immediately was able to tell where my anxiety was …


I’ll try to keep it short, family violence (FV), neglect and abuse from the age of 4, domestic violence (DV) and other abuses socially and at work, from about 14 onwards as the FV continued.

At only 33, I had 18 years of different psychotherapies, Labels and a long list of western medicines that I was hypersensitive to. My last …


It was evident from day one that I was going to love working with Jakub.

His sincere nature, genuine interest and rock solid commitment, is clearly evident during each of our coaching sessions and conversations in between. Being a coach myself, my expectations of our time together is high, and Jakub not only meets, but …


Anyone willing to try this with Jakub Wolanski, well I did AND…IT WORKED!

I couldn’t let go of my past and wondered why everyone else could! I saw Jakub on Facebook and thought I’d give it one last try.

My first impression of Jakub Wolanski was his geniusness!! Kindness!! And …


Before I had the opportunity to work with Jakub there was still lingering past hurt, shame and regret regarding verbal, physical and sexual abuse which had occurred in my teenage years and throughout my 20’s.

As a result of what occurred back then, it continued to play out in various un-resource ways over the years. I now  …

Are You Ready To Be Our Next Freedom Fighter Success Story?

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of trauma does the Freedom Program work for?

All types of trauma, because the way our minds deal with and respond to any type of trauma is the same. This is why the Freedom Program is so unique, it gets to the core issues of what’s been holding you back and not just dealing with the symptoms. Some examples of different types of trauma our members are now free from – sexual abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, car accidents, the passing of a loved one, work environment.

Do I have to talk about my trauma?

No. Our signature system is designed specifically to not have to relive those past events. Many of our members have spent many years talking about it and are now just wanting to break the chains once and for all. Unless of course you feel you need to talk about it as part of your journey to Freedom, which our experienced coaches will hold a safe and beautiful space for you.

How much time will I need to put aside each week?

ach weekly live group workshop is approximately 90 minutes. Plus we have the online portal where all your videos and workbooks are. Although not completely necessary to watch the weekly sessions before coming to the live group workshop, it is recommended. Each week has approximately 60 minutes of videos to watch and exercises to complete.

What Happens If I Miss a Live Workshop?

All sessions will be recorded and accessible only to the members of that group. So, you can go back and watch it when you have time. And if you have a question you want answered you can email it in before the session.

Do I really get all that support at no extra charge?

Yes. Because we get how important this is to you and we will do everything in our power to get you the Freedom you deserve.

Why is this program so cheap?

Jakub came from humble beginnings where money was tight and certain luxuries that other people had around him just weren’t an option. He made a promise to himself he wouldn’t let money come between assisting others.

Are there other payment options available?

Yes, you can email Jakub directly at with a brief explanation of your circumstances and what payment plan you can afford to commit to and he will respond.

Should I continue with my therapist?

Yes, coaching is not a substitute for therapy and likewise, therapy is not a substitute for coaching.

How does the program work exactly?

The program goes for 5 weeks. However, the minute you join you get access to your online portal and you will have some material waiting for you. Because we don’t want to waste another second on getting you going on your journey to Freedom. Once your group starts, there will be a few sessions released per week with some short videos to watch and exercises to complete before your live group workshop. Then in Week 4 there are no online sessions and no live group workshop, because this is the week you have been working towards, your private one-on-one session with your Breakthrough Coach.

Why don’t you offer this as a do it yourself online course?

If I could, I would! I want nothing more than to make this process as easy for you as possible. However, when the mind and body experience trauma there are a number of complex situations which take place. And to undo or break them there are some steps which need the guidance of a professional. Before creating this program, you could only work one-on-one with Jakub and it was considerably more expensive.